Monday, September 17: Approved

YES! The Ethics & Elections Committee has approved my “ballot statement.” Here it is:

I’m running for ARRL New England Division Director.

Born and raised in the Boston area, I’ve been an active ham since 1956, with stops at Colby, BC Law and Harvard Business School. Throughout, the ARRL was there for me; I’ve been a Life Member since 1975 and Diamond Club-level donor to the League. I wrote Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur – one of ARRL’s most highly-acclaimed books. As Volunteer Counsel, I’ve helped hams get tower permits all over the country. I’ve guided hams throughout our hobby – in EMCOMM, experimenting, contesting, and public service.

In my view, the ARRL Board has not delivered on its historic mission.  I think:

  • There is a culture of Board secrecy,
  • Changes in the National Traffic System were badly handled,
  •  ARES has troubles,
  • The Amateur Radio Parity Act was a mis-guided initiative,
  • We should attract more new members, and
  • Amateur radio could retain more Technicians.

Membership is declining and aging, indicating a failure of leadership, perhaps an alienated membership. I fear our future is not secure.

We must get ARRL back on track – embracing transparency, becoming member-driven again, and focusing on issues that are critical to the future of our hobby.

Amateur Radio should be a modern, relevant, vibrant and nationally important resource – with new leadership from an enlightened Board that is open and invites membership participation on important issues.

I will use my ham radio and professional background to transform a failing ARRL Board into a healthy and viable organization for the benefit of Amateur Radio. Together, we will chart a new path for the ARRL – an organization that must succeed for ham radio to prosper. To vote for ham radio’s future, please vote for me as New England Division Director.

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