About this campaign for New England Division Director

I’ll save you the  trouble of hunting down my commercial web site. It may be found here

If you’d like to know what my signal sounds like on the air, here’s a recording of SP4Z visiting my station and operating 15 meter SSB in the ARRL DX Contest. He was using an FT-1000MP transceiver, an AL-1200 amplifier, and a three-stack of OptiBeam OB 16-3 antennas on the tower in my backyard here in Lincoln, MA (a Western suburb of Boston). So he had 4/4/4 aimed at Europe. Here’s the link

If you’d like to know what happened in the WW8N tower case (the Toldeo, OH area), I was interviewed, in exquisite detail, by Ham Radio Now, available You Tube as Episode 135. Long story short? A win for Gary Wodtke, WW8N. The municipality lost on appeal, rehearing was denied, and Gary is a happy camper today.

K1VR WW8N smiling

If you’d like to hear some of my opinions on Common Covenants & Restraints (CC&Rs), listen to those opinions in this video of my remarks at HAM-CON 2017 in Burlington, Vermont. Did I mention that those remarks are my opinions? If you’d rather read than listen, click here.