Do you support a strong educational program to promote amateur radio in Washington, DC?


Of course. But there is a long chain between the classroom and Capitol Hill. Some believe that the emphasis should be in the classroom, to inspire youngster and their parents – which will result in favorable treatment in Washington. My view is that less distance between your activities and the relevant federal entities involved is a better idea. I prefer to work the Washington end of the chain. I am a member of the Bar in DC, I used to maintain a residence at 2844 27th Street NW in DC, and I was law clerk to the Chairman of the FTC in DC. I know Washington, DC. My colleagues on the Board have selected me to work on government relations issues for the ARRL. 


One concern I heard from some about you is that members do not hear from you. True?


That would be news to me and to the many members I meet with at their club meetings, or at the hamfests I attend. Moreover, as Director, I’m also responsible for an active New England division website which carries division news. My Vice Director takes care of that. Members seem to prefer web news over ARRL bulk email which cannot use html. Here’s a list of K1VR videos.


I like what you say about making us ‘modern, relevant, vibrant and nationally important resource…’ – any chance you could elaborate on exactly what you think we need to do, how we can do it, and what duration it will take to move to ARRL 2.0?


When the Executive Committee was created, FREE teleconferencing did not exist, and long distance phone calls were expensive. The Executive Committee runs the League between Board Meetings. I’d reduce the power of the Executive Committee and increase the frequency of Board teleconferences. That would be modern.

       I’d like to live stream ARRL Board meetings, to make things more transparent.

       I’d want to put together a package of benefits to potential new members that doesn’t exist today. For example:

      —    Free digital only QST for Year 1 of new licensees

—    A low cost basic membership: one idea — no QSL bureau (inbound or outbound)

—    A standard membership with standard privileges

Public Service types, I’m one of you when I volunteer each fall at the Head of the Charles Regatta. What are we doing for Public Service hams? Do they have to go through a separate clearance process with each organization where they volunteer? Could ARRL create a standard clearance process? The board which certifies Professional Engineers, for a fee per state, can qualify a PE in any number of states. Could ARRL qualify hams with a number  of organizations (Red Cross, HOCR, Boston Marathon, etc.)?

And let me toss the ball back at you. What should ARRL do to move to ARRL 2.0? I’m really interested.