Fred Hopengarten, K1VR for ARRL New England Division Director

Fred, you have my vote and endorsement for the next term. Wishing you all the best.

Dave Tessitore, K1DT
President, Providence Radio Association (W1OP)

I support Fred Hopengarten, K1VR, for reelection. His legal experience and expertise are an excellent fit for the position of ARRL New England Director.

-Frandy Johnson, N1FJ; President, SOTA Jerk
Florence, MA

I work at Wiley Rein, one of Washington DC’s largest law firms, and renowned for its communications law practice (including representation before the FCC). When Fred, K1VR, started the ARRL’s DC Lunch Bunch, he really knew what he was doing, because he invites hams who are also DC insiders, and actually listens to them. It has been a privilege to be his host. 

-Rich DiDonna, NN3W

You’ve got my vote.

Mike Visich, NG1M
Wakefield, RI

It is my pleasure to endorse Fred Hopengarten, K1VR, for New England Division Director.  Fred’s extensive experience and expertise in law, as well as his many accomplishments as a ham operator and contester, will make invaluable contributions to our ARRL.

Jim Repetti, WJ1R
William J. Kenealy, S.J. Professor of Law
Boston College Law School
ARRL Life Member

I endorse Fred for ARRL New England Division Director.  It’s time to get some fresh ideas and more transparent leadership in Newington.  Fred is extremely knowledgeable in the legal problems Hams face and has actively supported Ham’s rights to build effective antenna installations.  I think he will bring a fresh vision to the ARRL Boardroom.

–David Robbins K1TTT
e-mail: mailto:k1ttt@arrl.net
web: http://wiki.k1ttt.net
AR-Cluster node: 145.69MHz or telnet://k1ttt.net:7373

Fred has been the General Counsel of the Harvard Wireless Club for many years. He has been active in the club by teaching new students and staff how to operate on the HF bands, working on station feedlines and antennas, and attending meetings. He has also helped out at the MIT/Harvard Flea market to benefit the club. He has a great rapport with young people, and the students really like him. As long as I have been Station Manager, he has been the most valuable alumnus to the club. I encourage your vote for Fred.

Bill Collins, W1PL (Station manager for W1AF)

I endorse Fred, K1VR, for New England Director.

John Crovelli, W2GD – President, Frankford Radio Club; former NNJ SM

I think you’re doing a terrific job and I’m happy you are the director! I totally support better management of the endowment!! I knew you would be a great NE director!  If what I said is beneficial, sure you can use it.

Linda Robinson, W1MP (Milton, VT)  

Thanks for listening and representing our interests.

Rich Cady, N1IXF (Simsbury, CT)

You got my vote!

Michael Visich, NG1M (Wakefield, RI)

You earned my repeat vote for NE Division Director again.

Mike Carter, K8CN (Durham, NH)

You have my vote . . . unless the other candidates offer some good bribes . . . hi hi

Mike Polimer, K1FNX (Sharon, MA)

No doubt you [will] work to unite and nurture the hobby.

Dennis Jackson, K1QHV (Wilton, CT)

As an active YCCC member, and on his own, Fred has been serving and contributing to the ham community for decades.  He has first hand experience with the increasing legal/zoning challenges hams are facing and a proven track record. He’s thoughtful and thorough in his approach to finding good, practical solutions to ham related station design problems. He has a genuine interest in people, resulting in a vast network of domestic and international friends. People like Fred. Interestingly, he is a great pressure/beta tester.  If something is in breakable, Fred will find the way to break it.

Rudy Bakalov, N2WQ (Westport, CT)

I hope every ARRL member in New England will vote for Fred. As an attorney specializing in antenna and zoning law, Fred has been at the forefront of defending amateur radio. He is an active operator, station builder, and all-round good guy. He will do what it takes to secure our future growth.

Rick Tavan, N6XI
Ten year resident of New England
Former Trustee of W1MX (the MIT Radio Society)
Past President and current director of the Northern California Contest Club
Co-founder and former newsletter editor of CWOps
Active contester who also ragchews and builds radio gear

While I know Tom Frenaye, K1KI, I was very dissatisfied with the apparent secrecy employed at Directors’ meetings. I feel that a change is needed and that you are a fine and well grounded individual whom I would trust in any position at the ARRL.  Transparency in all Board matters is needed and I am sure you would be a potent force in ensuring that transparency will be achieved.

David Olean, K1WHS (Lebanon, ME)

I’ve known Fred for many decades, worked with him professionally and in the ham radio context.  There is no other licensed amateur radio operator who can better represent his Division at ARRL in matters that are increasingly complex and require the combined technical and legal analytic approach  that Fred can uniquely apply.  More than that, Fred is a nice chap and plays well with others.  He is even active on the bands!

Jim Talens, N3JT
Founder of CWops, now over 2500 members

I have worked with Fred on several amateur radio matters over the last 20 years. His broad experience, excellent communications skills, and ability to effect change are all sorely needed on the ARRL Board of Directors.

–Dave Bernstein, AA6YQ (Wayland, MA)
– author, DXLab Suite
– volunteer member, ARRL Ad Hoc LoTW Committee, 2012 through 2017

I have known Fred for over 20 years, originating through my membership in the Yankee Clipper Contest Club.  Fred is a active contester, DXer, experimenter, and public service oriented ham.  Fred has opened his house and station and hosted many hams from around the world.  His legal advice has helped many hams erect towers across the country.  I support Fred as the New England Division Director. 

–Ed Parish, K1EP [k1ep@mgef.org]

You have my vote.  I can not wait to see what you will do to shake up the “Old Boys Club”.  73 & Best of good Luck. 

–Mike Demaree, KA1EKR (Framingham, MA)

As a Board Member for Radio Relay International (RRI), you definitely have my vote. Good luck.  73,

James Geschwindner, N1PZP (Penacook, NH)

Fred, an active ham and experienced lawyer and businessman,  is a strong yet tactful advocate for amateur radio and will help relieve the pockets of dysfunction that have plagued the ARRL board for some time. This dysfunction has  led to the present untenable position on ARPA, and the marked decline of ARRL members at a time when Part 97 has a record number of licensees. Time for Fred’s fresh perspective.

Chip Cohen, W1YW (Belmont, MA)
ARRL Life Member
DARA Technical Achievement Award winner, and
2018 Lee DeForest Award winner

You are exactly what is been needed in the New England Division for a long, long time! I look forward to your election.

Tom Delano, W1CC (Duxbury, MA)

Fred and I first met on the air more than 55 years ago. Our first eyeball QSO occurred during our first year at Boston College Law School in 1967, when I noticed the guy sitting in front of me (Fred) was wearing an RSGB pin.  Our friendship has endured over the years and he has been a frequent guest at our home during his many visits to Maine.  Fred is well known for his superb operating skills, his encyclopedic knowledge of legal issues relevant to amateur radio, his organizational and communication skills and his work ethic. While I have known, respected and supported the current Director during his long tenure, given the substantial issues facing amateur radio and the League and the need for more member involvement and transparency, it is time for a change.  I enthusiastically endorse my friend Fred, K1VR, for ARRL New England Division Director.

–Joe Kozak, W1AO (Manchester, ME)

K1VR on ARRL ballot
As submitted by Mike Ponte, W1BZJ (Rehoboth, MA)