The Kennebec Amateur Radio Society repeater, W1PIG (145.290, 100.0), is located in the Litchfield area on a tower owned and maintained by Strong Signals of Lewiston-Auburn, LLC. I am the managing partner of Strong Signals and we do not charge rent to KARS (not to be confused, by the way, with KARS for Kids). It is a wide-area coverage repeater. 

I am a member of the Bar in Maine, having taken and passed the bar exam. I was admitted in a small ceremony in the Auburn courthouse.

My family has a strong attachment to Waterville, as my mother went to Colby, my aunt went to Colby, I went to Colby, my cousin went to Colby, my daughter went to Colby, I taught business law and also marketing as an Assistant Professor at Colby, my sister taught French and Canadian studies at Colby, and my brother-in-law taught American History at Colby. 

On the next page, you’ll see a letter that should soon (any day now) go out to Maine hams.