If you’ve always wondered, K1VR stands for K1 Vermont Radio. I own land in Roxbury, VT (yes, the other side of the “Roxbury Gap Crossing” from Sugarbush). Never did get to build my weekend home there (married a city-girl shortly after buying the property) . But my lot is 10 acres, plus an undivided interest in a common land, totaling about 18 acres. I’ve had a lot of fun camping there.

If you’d like to hear some of my opinions on Common Covenants & Restraints (CC&Rs), listen to those opinions in this video of my remarks at HAM-CON 2017 in Burlington, Vermont. Did I mention that those remarks are my¬†opinions?

I’m planning to send the letter on the next page to hams in Vermont. You can also read it here, but on the next page.